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To my friends

People could wonder why I say "strahlberry" with a smile on my face or understand the love for opossums or call the fist bump "respek knuckles" or did my senior sem on a show I only watched for the first time a year before or express compassion for my Christian colleagues and peers despite being a solid Atheist or used my willpower to write my first fan-fiction or bother watching kid's movies (a.k.a. anything animated that isn't Family Guy or Simpsons) or spend time worrying or crying or laughing over someone I may have not seen in years or ever in real life.

It's because I love my friends on here so much. You all do wonderful things and I am so glad to be included with it.

And if those people ever bothered to ask me why, I would point them here.


If you're unaware of the award winning author Michael Chabon, here's the Wikipedia page on him. Much to my dismay, I realized I missed Michael Chabon's lecture at Elon the previous night. As a fan of dark literature (including Poe) and science fiction, I was very sad to be absent for it. Fortunately, he held a short Q&A session today and I only hoped for a nugget of knowledge from him on writing or anything in general. I got it. It was certainly relevant given the person in play, but it was a question that I had brought up to fairytaledreams in a meme, so I felt so elated when it had been brought up and answered in a way I never expected.

Question: "When you begin writing, do you focus on a plot first and then base your characters around that, or do you start with character ideas and build the plot around that?"

Michael Chabon (not exact quote as I don't have a transcript or recording): "Neither, actually. [laughter] I don't have a character or a plot to start...I aim for an emotion when I write...when I write a detective novel, I want the hard-boiled feel to it where sentences are really short which goes against my love of adjectives...I see plot and character as a sort of perpendicular accident where the more focus you give to one weakens the other."

Oh hi, inspiration. It's been a while.

Writer's Block: Top ten playlist

What is your top-ten song list? What was it when you were a kid? Is there any overlap?

I'm in an angry/somber mood. So, this is mostly songs I listen to when I need something to touch me personally or just please the ears.
  1. Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
  2. Metallica - Fade to Black
  3. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
  4. Richard Wagner - Lohengrin
  5. The Beatles - In My Life
  6. Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone
  7. Frank Zappa - Uncle Remus
  8. Pantera - Cemetery Gates
  9. Johnny Cash - Hurt
  10. Beirut - Elephant Gun

Oh boy...

So, I know I've been out of the loop on this LJ. I haven't checked it in so long due to many factors, but mainly being SW eating all of my online time for good measure. I love it so very much. It's my opportunity to write without fearing a grade, to express without having to show anything on my face, to talk without having to talk bullshit or business (which often tends to be both simultaneously). And for those of you who actually know this journal (most likely just Bella and Mel), I appreciate your friendship through this so very much. It gives me a reason to bother with a lot of things and a reason to smile when I'm currently living in a sea of frowns.

I'll go ahead and try to post what has made me happy recently...
-Triple decker peanut-butter, honey, and fluff sandwiches and their recent rediscovery
-Shaving the beard away and not feeling nearly as much pain as usual
-Jimmy Cliff's "Many Rivers to Cross"
-Chad Vader
-Fresh strings on a guitar
-The relief of being done with one assignment (only one)
-Doctor Who

Things that have made me feel even worse than I've ever felt...
-Quitting Music Directorship at WSOE and hurting a lot of feelings for doing so
-Giving my teachers guilt trips when it's my own fault for not doing as well as I should
-My family thinks I'm happy, and I could give two shits about what they think
-Lack of sleep and eating because of depression
-My ability to push away I love/like just to miss them
-My roommate effectively moving into the other bedroom of the apartment, providing no reason, and then offering no sign of friendship since
-My lack of ability on guitar

I'll post in much more dramatic tones later, and that's the entry you'll more than likely want to miss unless you really want to sympathize for me though I don't deserve it.
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1. Comment on this post.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters whose name starts with that letter and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.


1) BILL (Kill Bill): Creates a truth serum without loss of coordination, runs a group of assassins, regularly bumps uglies with the blond members of the group, and doesn't actually appear in the entire first movie. Who else do you know does that?
2) BARRY (High Fidelity): Jack Black as Jack Black in a record store.
3) BANON (FF VI): Free cures all the time. Plus, have you seen that beard?
4) THE BOULDER (Avatar): Earthbender parodying a professional wrestler voiced by a different professional wrestler.
5) BEOWULF: Seamus Heaney needed some money. Then he got it.

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BOY NAME: Mercutio
OCCUPATION: Metal master
A COLOR: Mauve
SOMETHING YOU WEAR: Massive earphones
BEVERAGE: Mango lassi
FOOD: Mashed potatoes
SOMETHING FOUND IN A BATHROOM: Magazines (hey, I'm a guy, I need to read about the latest Metallica album somewhere!)
PLACE: Madrid
REASON FOR BEING LATE: Mulling around on the internet