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08 January 2011 @ 05:46 pm
People could wonder why I say "strahlberry" with a smile on my face or understand the love for opossums or call the fist bump "respek knuckles" or did my senior sem on a show I only watched for the first time a year before or express compassion for my Christian colleagues and peers despite being a solid Atheist or used my willpower to write my first fan-fiction or bother watching kid's movies (a.k.a. anything animated that isn't Family Guy or Simpsons) or spend time worrying or crying or laughing over someone I may have not seen in years or ever in real life.

It's because I love my friends on here so much. You all do wonderful things and I am so glad to be included with it.

And if those people ever bothered to ask me why, I would point them here.
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